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Our coloring services are professionally done and will allow you to switch the color of your wigs. We offer variety of colors and you can share your color inspirations for us to work with.Ā 

Please read before proceeding.

1. Select the right length or wig you will be sending in.Ā 

2. We will run a patch test to confirm if your weave or wigĀ suits the chosen color or we can work with the weave provides (for clients supplying their own bundles )

3. Based off selected specifics , you may be required to pay extra fees.

4. Color jobs outcomes vary , we try our best to keep variations minimal . We run a strict no refund policy on this serviceĀ 

5. All alterations from original job will be done at an extra fee.

6. Label your weave properly when mailing to our office for easy identification. Ā The following information must be labeled : Name , address, phone number , email & instagram handle . We will decline packages not labeled properly.Ā